Cura problem

Hi. I’m a new user of this forum and I’m a proud owner of a TAZ 6 since about 3 weeks This is my first 3D printer. I have no experience in 3D printing so I started with some easy things to print. There came up a problem with Cura yesterday evening. I have the newest version of Cura on my computer. I tried to set up a different temperature for the first layer. For this I had to set the printing temperature to 0 and set the other temperatures manual. In the same moment when t do this Cura crashes down. Can someone help me on this problem

You shouldn’t ever need to set your printing temperature to 0. I think that most likely Cura crashed because it was trying to slice your model using a value of 0 for the print temperature and couldn’t process it. What adjustments to your print temperature were you trying to achieve?

I wanted to set an other temperature for the first layer.

To do that you should only need to adjust the settings for print temperature initial layer and initial printing temperature and leave the rest of your temperature settings as normal. What Material Profile are you trying to change and what temperature are you trying to print your first layer at?