CURA 15.06.03

We recently noticed a Cura version 15.06.03 which does not operate with our TAZ 5. This update is said to deal with lock out problems on the MAC and features an entirely new interface. Are these updates on their way for Cura for Lulzbot?

We do plan to adopt the “New Cura”. It has completely revised settings management system and user interface. At this moment we do not have an ETA on when this will be available. Would you be interested in helping us beta test it when the time comes?


Sure, we’d love to. Just let us know at when you’re ready.

me too! :wink: Is there a way to sign up without publishing my email on a public forum?

Thanks Ter!

Hemocyanin, we do not have a signup system yet. I’ll contact you via this forum post once Beta starts. :sunglasses:


I would also be interested in assisting with the Beta. I am using a tethered MacBookPro with my Mini.



That would be great. I’m also using an OS X box with my Mini.

After considerable delay…
This version of Cura ended up being named ‘Cura 2’. The first stable release by Ultimaker has recently been published and I’ve made instructions on how to use it with a LulzBot printer here: