📢 Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 v2.4 Beta Testing - Now with more MAC in every download!

Hello everyone!

Today we’ve got some exciting news for you all as we announce the official start of the beta testing period for Cura LulzBot Edition version 4.13.0 v1.5!

Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 represents the next big step in our development of Cura LE and a marked improvement over our current version. It’s been a long time coming and we’re very excited to get it out into your hands, however it still needs a bit of polish before it’s ready for a full release. That’s where the beta test comes in to play!

With public testing and feedback from our community, the final stage of development should move along briskly as issues and bugs that may have gone unnoticed are brought to light and resolved. We encourage you to give it a try and provide your helpful feedback!

The download link may be found here:

Edit 12/6/22: We’ve just updated to BETAv1.2, most of the more prominent crashes have been fixed. Changes can be found here!

Edit 12/8/22: We’ve posted a Linux AppImage on the website, feel free to give it a whirl and let us know if you hit any bumps!

Edit 6/9/23: We just updated to Betav1.5 as well a released a Beta version for MAC OSX!

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Cool, my production machines are currently engaged in, well, production, but my home Taz 6 and work Mini 2 are fairly open for doing some tests.

So, initial feedback - Mini 2 w/ H175 toolhead has no startup GCODE.

Second thing, and this definitely affects how I use Cura right now - I can’t set the COM port for machines like 3.6.x could. I have a Mini 2, Pro, and Taz 6 attached to a single machine (SD cards are not current approved in my work environment).

Third, and I’m sure this will change, but the compatible materials is miniscule:


Sure doesn’t, not sure how that one was missed :smile:

Edit: Patched for next minor build. :sweat_smile:

Setting explicit COM ports is a noted absence, will definitely be added soon.

More material profiles will be added to the H175 in time, for the moment that should be the same profiles we’ve got for it in 3.6 however if we’re missing some that’d definitely be an issue of note.

The materials were limited on Mini w/M175v2 as well, haven’t been checking other machines yet, but profiles are definitely something that needs good validation, and there’s enough to get beta testing stuff anyway, so it’s rather expected for playing with the beta.

Taz 6 M175v2 has no startup GCODE either, BTW. Probably others as well, but just trying to validate with what I have on hand for now.


I’ve double checked and it definitely appears that there’s some profiles not showing up in the menu that should be there for that particular printer, will look into that.

Taz 6 w/M175v2 also has very little profiles.

It may be 1.75mm profiles in general that are lacking. Taz6 w/Single Extruder had significantly more.

On the good side, it isn’t crashing when adding multiples of an object like 3.6.x was extremely prone to do.

Multiply selected w/20 objects selected and making 3 copies? Never would have expected it to work before.

Also, multiplying this made me realize that it’s taking the footprint of the objects into account instead of just the bounding box.

Definitely looking forward to using this version!

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I do know that 1.75mm tool heads currently have fewer profiles in general than their 2.85mm counterparts, but I do think a couple may be missing. I’ll get a spreadsheet going here to ensure that everything we do have is being displayed in the application correctly.

Found another thing I instantly miss - no connect to OctoPrint.

Also, did the Rocktopus test print. No issues except some minor stringing, probably from older filament. This was on a Taz 6. Toolhead was a self-printed and assembled (from parts sourced from an Aerostruder HE) itworks-3d Titan Aero toolhead with a HE .5mm nozzle. Matterhackers Pro PLA with the Standard quality profile with the Protopasta High-Temperature PLA material profile.

I’ve noted the lack of OctoPrint integration, thanks!

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Will this work with a TAZ 4? I am upgrading one now and will eventually need this software to make parts right? Hoping it is backwards compatible.
This is what is on the machine now.

I have not installed any firmware or ran Cura yet. Machine is still all apart lol.

The Taz 4 is not supported as a printer in Cura 4.13 (or 3.36.x) for that matter.

However, there’s just a few differences between a Taz 4 and 5, and once you’ve done the upgrades to convert ( Upgrades to convert a TAZ 4 to a TAZ 5 - General / LulzBot TAZ - Lulzbot) you can then treat it as a 5, and update the firmware to the latest for a Taz 5, and use Cura 4.13 LE with it.

No Linux support is sad but I’ve been successfully using Ultimaker Cura 5 on Pop!_OS for months with great success.

I only wish official profiles where available. Not much activity on this PR that I’ve been watching: Adding Official Profiles for LulzBot Machines by rhendersonLulzbot · Pull Request #10232 · Ultimaker/Cura · GitHub

I’m on macOS – so really waiting on that build to be ready. But in the meantime I’ve downloaded the Windows version and can test this (I have Windows running in a VM on my mac).

Hoping to have a Linux AppImage ready sometime this week :crossed_fingers:

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For anyone who may have missed it, we’re now up to BETAv1.2 which should fix the common crashes we’d run into and we’ve also got a Linux AppImage to play with. Let us know if anything goes wrong with the AppImage, we’re a bit interested to see how well that works. :crossed_fingers:

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Is this version based on Ultimaker Cura 4? Seems a bit of a let down when current Ultimaker Cura is version 5.2.