Cura Missing Parts

I’m stumped by strange Cura behavior. I downloaded a model from Thigiverse for a dual-pinwheel model (I’m trying to scare birds away from the boat). The first pinwheel printed flawlessly (pinwheel B), however when I tried to print the second, it had gaps in the outer edge. At first I thought it was a speed issue (just 50mm/s) so I slowed it down. However the results were the same.

Now it is clear Cura is treating the two pinwheels differently. They are designed to spin in opposite directions, so although they look the same, they are not.

Before slicing they look the same, but after slicing the gabs are clear. These two screen shots show that while they appear as complete models, the layers on the outside edge of pinwheel A are missing.

Anyone know what’ I’m missing?


It is possible, with the brim, you’re exceeding the printable area. Do you have a picture of the actual printed result? To gove you an didea of what I’m referring to check out the article below on Lulzbot’s website about large format printing.

Understandable why you need the brim so rather than orienting them horizontally across the bed try positioning them diagonally, corner to corner. That should give you a little more clearance to hopefully prevent the model being clipped (assuming that’s what’s happening).

Tips & Tricks: Large Format Printing:

The pinwheels were not printed the way they show in the screen shot. I just loaded the models side-by-side to see what was happening.

They were printed one at a time, so there is no interference with the brim.

Attached are a couple of pictures of the results.
PinWDefect Close.jpg

The outside sections of part A are too thin to print properly with anything bigger than a .3 MM nozzle size while the B part can be printed with a .5 MM nozzle size.

Now that makes sense. Unfortunately I only have the stl file, so I can’t directly thicken the edge.

However, using Cura’s scale feature, the gap in the slicing disappeared at 25% larger. I would not have guessed the two wheels were that much different.


Could possibly break the STL down into two components with netfabb or S3D or SketchUp Then mirror the good blade assembly…

Reading the comments on Thingiverse there’s a remix that appears to have been repaired in netfabb

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I was able to print a good “A” pinwheel by using the mirror of “B” in Cura.