Print Sequence - One At A Time: Cura Visual Misrepresentation

If you have multiple objects to print on your bed, and they are small/shallow enough such that the head won’t run into the other prints while printing, you can tell Cura to print one at a time, versus printing all at once layer by layer. Watch out, Cura will move your parts to where it believes there wont be any interference. Visually things looked great in Cura, but when it printed, one of my two parts was printed at the edge of bed, way off from where Cura visually said it was (60mm?), and the brim was printed on the metal z zero-ing disc which meant the nozzle was forced to rise over that disc.

Have you been able to duplicate this? Reach out to the support team at

I haven’t tried to reproduce it, nor will I make it a priority to attempt doing so.

My understanding was that these forums was a good place to post bugs.