Cura doesn't let me print somthing that stands in the required diammentions

Hi all,
I got Lulzbot Mini.
I’m new to this world, but already printed several 3d models. for my work there is a 3d design (small camera holder) which stands the sizes of the print plate (length is 15mm exactly) and even if I modify the print size it still shows in Grey color in CURA and not giving me the option to click on “Control” and start the printing.

other 3d models are been printed very well with no issue, but this one gives me hard time.
please help me with that. I’m attaching the .stl file of this model so maybe you can help me … please!

BTW the model created with SketchUp, I know that the one who design this model print it with no problem with his 3DS cube printer and the plate sizes are the same :frowning:

please see what seems to be the problem.

Thanks !!

Holder.stl (354 KB)

There’s not enough space left on the bed to print a skirt around the perimeter of the object.
Go into Expert Settings > Skirt
Removing the skirt or reducing the perimeter down to 0.8mm would change the model to “green”

It worked perfectly ! I changed in the line count to 0 and the model was printed well :slight_smile:
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Great! Happy to help.

In the future, if you have something like this, you may want to remove the skirt, but have it print a small 1-latyer object somewhere else on the plate first to “prime” the print head (which is what printing a skirt does). I forget where the controls are to have it print objects separately, rather than together, and am not sure how to designate one to print first, but it may be worth looking into.

Alternatively, you can add some start gcode to have the head move to an unused area of the bed, manually extrude a little bit, then proceed normally with the print.

Sometimes the priming is not necessary (not critical part, or the head hasn’t sat long enough at temperature to allow some filament to ooze out). It’s more likely to be an issue on the first print of the day, or if the printer has been sitting hot for an extended period without printing.

Another option that sometimes works is the 45 degree angle option.