Cura or Octoprint on Windows 8 tablet

I’m new to 3D Printing. I recently purchased a Mini and love the simplistic setup and running using Cura. What I don’t like is that I need to have a PC or laptop connected to print. I tried the MatterControls Touch but did not like the interface and the software crashed frequently.

So I was thinking about trying a Windows 8 based tablet with Cura or OctoPrint. More specifically the Asus Transformer Book T100TA. (1.3GHz Intel Atom, 3GB RAM, 64GB HD, 32GB Intel HD Graphics) Not sure it has the hardware to run the software effectively.

Has anyone tried this?

Octoprint is comtrolled through a web GUI. So if you load octoprint on a Raspberry Pi, connect to printer and connect wirelessly to the interface from the tablet…

I have been using Parallels Access for Windows to use Cura or any other program from your PC. It cost $19.95 per year. It works with Iphone, Ipad, or Android phones or tablets. You can set up the Parellel software to use with the PC on or Off. I am using a NETCAM from Belkin to check on the prints right from my iphone or ipad, if print is not doing well you can stop the print remotely in Cura using Paralles Access. Works great for me.