Cura wants to print extra layer?

I’ve been designing objects in Sketchup 2019, check with the Solid Inspector tool, and then exporting the stl file.
I have been pretty sucessful with doing this.
I’m running the current version of Cura, 3.6.13.
Today I ran into an issure I have seen before. The object I’m trying to print has checked out okay in Sketchup. When I open it in Cura, it looks correct in Solid View but then in Layer View, shows that it wants to print a layer across the top and print support for this.
Not sure how to get it to not do this since I am not familar with actually changing anything in the g-code.
Attached are the screen shots of the Sketchup drawing, Cura solid object view and Cura layer view showing the top layer.

Cura solid view.JPG
Cura Layer view top layer.JPG

Here’s the g-code file if it helps.
LTAZ6A_Custom Clamping Collar v2.gcode (5.55 MB)

Not sure why the pics keep disappearing? I attached them and preview, then they say not available.

Unfortunately I am unable to see the “Cura solid view.JPG” or “Cura Layer view top layer.JPG” files but it does sound like this could be an error in the model itself that is causing it to want to print that extra layer. To test that, you could make sure that you are using one of the default Cura material profile settings for your filament and then run your .stl file of the model through an error checking program such as Slic3r or Blender. This will tell you if you have any manifold errors that could be causing some conflict with the gcode. If you would like to, I would be happy to check the file for you if you want to send the .stl file of your model into

You can include a link to this forum post as a reference and we will get back to you through e-mail.