Cura supports


Using the latest Lulzbot Cura I’m trying to print the front part of the OpenRC F1 car and the supports that
are generated do not work. Specifically the supports for the inner side of the part start about 1/3 of the way
up on the part, but when I go to print they never seem to attach to the part and just print in air.

Any ideas on this as to where to start for settings to change? In other slicers it start’s on the build plate.

Picture attached.


Sorry to hear about the issue! Can we get the exact cura version, material and profile, operating system and STL file? I would like to try to duplicate the issue, and suggest some settings to get it sorted.


I’m using Cura lulzbot edition 2.6.69, stock NGEN profile (printing in colorfabb ngen of course), stock Lulzbot Mini profile, High Detail pulldown (.18mm), Generate Supports click (all stock settings), and attached is the STL.


Front.stl (1.37 MB)