Cura terminal entry box ????

I am trying to install and configure the Dual Extruder V2 ToolHead. I am close to being done but Website instruction tells me to use Cura Lulzbot Edition, and open the “terminal entry box”

I cannot find this option, it is supposed to look like this: Am I missing something ?!?!?

In the new version on Cura the command entry that you are looking for has been moved to the “Console” If you go over to the preheat settings in Cura and scroll down you will see a button marked console just click on it and a new window will pop up for you to enter g code commands into. I am adding a picture of accessing your preheat settings just in case you need it.

I have seen this window, but all i get is a very simple text terminal type window. I see no printer controls. Am i missing something.
Oh, and thank you for replying.


Clicking the button referenced above and you get:

The printer controls are the lower half of the right side.

Using the image above as reference, just under the title “Manual Control” is a button labeled “Console” click that and you will see:
You can type Gcode commands in the small bar and the results (if any) will appear at the top (Try “M115” and/or “M503” after connecting to your printer). You can send the command using the “Send Command” button or pressing Enter on your keyboard.