CURA VIRGIN - Please Help

Today I tried Cura for the first time.

To date I’ve used nothing but Slic3r & Pronterface. Pretty comfortable with printing ABS and getting good results.
(yes, printer fully enclosed)

I downloaded latest release of Cura and brought in an stl file. In this case I started with the makerbot dump truck from thingiverse. It’s small, but detailed enough to get a good idea of what’s happening.

I brought in the lulzbot ABS profile for fine_no-support, and put a brim on the part.

Question #1: Is there any way to start heating the bed and nozzle prior to hitting the “print” button on the pronterface-like control panel? Is the only way to use the control panel on the TAZ? It can’t be done inside the CURA interface?

Question #2: My print looks pretty messed up. I almost stopped it, but I want to get the whole thing done and take some pictures of it for you guys. The quality is definitely far off from what I printed using Slic3r and Pronterface. Obviously this is user error, but I’m perplexed as to what I did wrong.

So what I’m asking for is some basic CURA tips on getting prints dialed in fairly quickly for those of us trying to migrate over from Slic3r and Pronterface.

Any and all tips, help, and “hey you dumbass - just click this and don’t click that” type of comments are extremely welcome.

Cleaner looking truck was using Slic3r & Pronterface.

Not so nice looking one was Cura. :question:

Oh, and the wheels/axles on the CURA truck won’t spin, but they will on Slic3r truck.

I am having a very similar issue. I am about to try the new Cura 15 that is in beta.

What am I doing wrong?

What’s the best way to set temps? In CURA, or in the “Pronterface” like looking screen that comes up after you click on the “print with USB” button?

And why is it my bed temp sometimes just never comes up to temp?
I set it for 95 degrees and the bed temp sits on 94. Sometimes for what seems like forever.
I’ve tried a few times to print something and everything just acts like it’s locked up and frozen. Nothing moves.

I’m just not finding CURA to be novice-user-friendly at all.

(but I’m not ready to give up just yet)

I think I’ve discovered CURA likes 94 degrees for bed temp, but does not like 95 degrees. :smiley:

You may want to PID tune your bed:

Your print looks like it’s too hot for that color. Try turning down the temps a little bit, say 2-3 degrees.

Maybe use Cura to slice your model and then run the print thru Pronterface or Repetier. Then you can heat it up a head of time.

What printer do you have?


I’m trying to see if there’s any real benefit to switching from Slic3r & Pronterface to CURA.

While I’m getting better at producing usable prints in CURA, I can’t quite get the same results I get in Slic3r and Pront.

Plus things like fan manipulation, especially for overhangs, and infill choices in Slic3r seem like a better combination.
Heater control before and after a print is complete is an added bonus too.

If I’m going to need to use CURA and Pronterface, I might as well stick to Slic3r and Pronterface.