Cura for Lulzbot Not Printing

This is my first time using Cura. Up until now I have been using Netfabb to rotate my parts, Slic3r, then Pronterface so I was excited to consolidate all of that with Cura. I downloaded the one for the Lulzbot Taz 4 and used the expert settings to set everything up. From there I hit the control button and I was able to connect and even move my printer manually and set temps. However, when I hit the print button nothing happens. I even tried to save the gcode from Cura and load it into Pronterface but when I hit print it also does nothing except give me temperature readings every second or so. What am I doing wrong? I’m having some issues with Slic3r not generating some of my model so I’d love to have an alternative software.

Did you set the bed and extrusion temperature within Cura? I had a similar problem which was due to the printer waiting for the temperatures to stabilize. But the original PID settings were not well tuned, and so the printer would wait forever while the temperature slightly oscillated. One solution is to simply not set the temperatures within Cura (leave them 0), and just set it up on the printer before printing. Or you could run a command to cause the printer to self-calibrate the temperature PID settings:

Wow, yep that definitely did the trick. I set the temperatures from the control screen and left the Cura temps at 0 and it works fine!
Thanks so much for your help.