Taz 4 settings

I have a current version of cura lulzbot edition (2.6.63) and wandering whether to select a newer Taz printer or custom printer and import G code for configuring the Taz 4?

If custom on Taz 4 what G code should I be using for printing and profiles for the materials should be selected?


Taz 4 is not compatible with the newest version of Cura, you will want to stick with Legacy Cura at least for now. It is possible that sometime in the future there will be a way to import the firmware for a Taz 4 into Cura LE but for right now they changed the file type from .Ini and there isn’t a simple way to convert it into the new file type. You would essentially have to build the machine settings from scratch by referencing the old settings in Cura Legacy.

Galadriel, do you have a legacy Cura version that you prefer when using elder printers?

The most current version of Legacy Cura is 21.08, this is going to be the best option if you are working with a Taz 4. The Taz 3 and older aren’t immediately compatible with Cura and for those it is probably best to stick with the original slicing software recommended which would most likely have been either Slic3r or Printrun.

Does anyone know where to download the legazy version of Cura that works with Taz 4? Assuming it is still 21.08.

21.08 would be our last release of Cura Legacy. You can find the download for it here: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Cura/Packages/Cura_21.08/