Cure LE Icon Changing

Hello! This is weird but i’m a stickler for appearances. In Cure LE I have selected the “Default Cura Theme” and in the application I have changed the icon “Cura.icns” to one of my liking. That looks awesome in my Mac OS X Dock, but the problem is when I start the application it changes the dock icon to the Lulzbot Green one. Could someone tell me where that Green icon is kept so I can change it to my custom one? I couldn’t find it in the app itself or in Application Support/Cura-Lulzbot. Again, weird request but i’m very particular about icons. Thank you!

Can you post a screen shot of the one you are looking for? It has been a little while since digging into the theme, but I recall of few of them being buried and/or in some obscure locations.