Cylinder zits

I’m new to 3D printing and I have a TAZ5.

Is it possible to eliminate these marks on the sides of this cylinder? The material is ABS.

They appear to be created at the start/stop points of the layer circles.

What settings change would help eliminate this? I’m using Cura and I’ve also tried Simplify3D.

There’s an option to print infill before perimeter although you can still get these marks at the end of the nozzles path. The best way I’ve found to minimise them is to slow down the outer layer speed.

Those are the locations of the starting point of each layer. Slic3r has an option to print the inner perimiter first, which buries the starting point inside the model. I don’t know if Cura has a similar option.

If your slicer allows for it you can also try a coast at end to help relieve extruder pressure between layers.