So close. How to eliminate final flaw. ABS Print

Take a look. After adjusting my retraction and setting the spiral start point, my vase is close to perfection. How do I get rid of the final “seam”?

The layer starting point is going to leave a lump somewhere, the trick is to set it so that lump is somewhere that you don’t care about. Depending on which slic3r you are using, you are either going to want to uncheck “external perimiters first (for slic3r) or in some cases"infil before perimiters” The goal is to basically get it to start the layer on the inner circle, not the outer.


I’ve got the newest version of Cura. Do you know where this “infill before perimeters” would be located?

The closest thing I can find is Spiralize the outer countour under expert settings.


Switch to full settings. Fill => Perimeters before infill, check or uncheck as wanted.
But I guess there will be only a small or even no difference… Your start stop points are not too bad.

If you want to experiment and invest some time, I would try the following:
Have a look at the wall thickness, could it be printet in one perimeter with your nozzle? If yes, you might try to slice it in two peaces: First, use spiral vase mode until the voronoi pattern starts. Note that Curas spiralize feature might be broken, there was a thread regarding a problem with it a few weeks ago.
Than, slice the upper part without the vase mode and merge the gcode parts manualy. Not the trivial way of printing, but interesting :mrgreen:

Yeah, so a little more tricky than I thought. So my vase has a 3.5mm thick wall. When I DON’T Spiralize, I get two 1mm walls and infill (because that’s how it’s set up.). If I turn on Spiralize, I get two disconnected 1mm walls (because Spiralize treats each wall as an independent surface).

So I guess I could make the wall thicker and Spiralize. I’ll give that a go and see how it effects the voronoi at the top. Might be OK.

It’s trying to spiralize two shells? That can’t work… It’s also not possible to spiralize the voronoi part. Don’t trust Cura :wink: When I tried to reproduce a bug with spiralize, I had to manualy disable infill to get something that could be printed. Cura doesn’t care if something is possible if spiralize is enabled :unamused: