Cylinders on my TAZ 6 and Ultimaker 2

Ive been trying to print cylinders for three weeks each evening but i couldn’t get any good cylinder shaped object out of my TAZ 6 because of a Z seam zipper like vertical line in my print. Ive tried so many settings in both slicers cura lulzbot edition and Simplify3D.
When i change the Z alignment in both slicers yes things happen, but it still shows the vertical zipper line, it just places it somewhere else on the print. I bought a second hand ultimaker 2 and guess what? It prints flawless cylinders without Z seam or Zipper lines on the print with cura ultimaker edition. The ultinlmaker has a 0.40 nozzle and the Taz 0.50 nozzle but i think theres something wrong with my taz hardware.
Ive checked my belts but all is good. Ive watched the extruder closely but it pauses on each finished perimeter while the ultimaker just finish the perimeter and start a new one.
Looks like the taz is paused too long or something. My print speed on both printers is 40ms. My layer height on the taz is 0.18 and on the ultimaker 0.10.
Again which settings i use in cura lulzbot edition it just doesnt print good cylinders.
I have a 0.35 hexagon hotend for the taz6 should i swap it?

Any of u know where to look after?

Try a .2mm “Coast” in S3D. The setting can be found on the “Extruder” tab. This can help the zipper lines.

Are you using a static point for start point for each layer? I set to the back middle of the bed. Helps predict the seams for post processing clean up if necessary.

Hope that helps.

Thank you i will try the coasting distance.
How do i put the start point in the back middle of the bed ?
Is that the X Y position option? Where i can also choose randomize start points?
Randomize start points give little zits in my cylinder print :slight_smile:

Yep. You got it. I use X=290 & Y=137.5.

Thanks man, i will try this too.
Thanks for the help :smiley: