Start/Stop Points Issue Taz 5

Hi Guys,

I have a Taz 5 printer, printing 3mm ABS. I am printing these small caps in work that we are using to house a circuit board. After quite a bit of playing around with settings in Cura and getting the bed as close to level as I can, I have the quality where I need it to be at.

My problem is in the below image. It looks like that the Start/Stop points are messing up somehow and I cannot figure out why. I have done a few prints and it is always occurring in the same corner. I have tried several different STL files, still the same issue.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?? Is there a way to randomize Start/Stop Points in Cura? Or is this something you can only do in Slic3r?



Image of Part( See the Left Hand Corner):

Cura Settings:

Try out “Spiralize the outer contour” under the “Black magic” section of the Expert config page. It may not be exactly the setting you are hoping for, but might come close.

Actually, that setting gives a nicer exterior surface, but also turns off infill and top/bottom surfaces, so it will not meet your needs. :cry:

Yeah Ive tried that. Doesnt look too nice. If I print several of these parts all at once the weird bubbling/gaps end up in differnt locations on each part. I really need a fix for this, not sure what else to try :confused:

Would not that shell thickness cause some surface defects to occur? 1.5 nozzle diameter seems odd to me.YMMV

Simplify 3D lets you have choices as to where the next layer starts. I think one is Random. Go to their website and check it out.

Those are the start points where the extruder changed layers. The coast feature in S3D can help in eliminating those warts.