We are printing a small enclosure that replaces a part made of sheet metal. The part is about 2mm thick and 185mm high and shaped something like a box with open ends (plate side and top). We have printed in both ABS and PLA. PLA seems to stay together a little better than ABS. Would like to use ABS if we can make it work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop the delamination between layers? They seem to begin after about 20mm and then repeat every 15mm to 25 mm all the way to the top. Corners are less of a problem. We have enclosed the entire robot and that gave only a very limited improvement.

I have found a higher infill setting helps thin wall delamination problems. What infill are you using?

Currently using 30

I usually build thin wall stuff at 85 to 95%. I don’t think it is possible to eliminate splits altogether with thin walls and ABS but I have not had the really terrible results some have posted here.

Pictures of the part and your slicer settings and gcode might help others help you.

try upping your temps till you get it right.

If the extrusion temps are too low to prevent delamination should I be turning off the fan? I tried maxing out the recommended settings and I still get layer separation.

Try printing this object with PLA (gcode was created for my TAZ 4)

Its how I calibrate temperature for new PLA materials. Its a 20x20x70mm single wall box. The extruder starts out at 205C and will drop by 5C every 10mm in height. This lets you evaluate the box after printing to see which section printed the best and by measuring its distance from the bottom you know what the temp was at that point. Very very handy for calibrating extruder temps. I don’t generally use ABS so I don’t have one for that temp range but it would be easy to make.

Here is the youtube video I got the idea from and explains how to make your own gcode