PLA Delamination

Hey Guys,

I’ve been printing with PLA for a few weeks now with consistent results up to this part … It’s now reminding me why stopped using abs, because of delamination. Printer is enclosed. I’m using a fan with PLA with automatic option in slic3r. I’ve tried a nozzle temp calibration with the cuboid (suggested by another user here) and honnestly I don’t see any difference between printing at 180 or 210C. See below the cuboid, it all looks good.

The problem is with the other part pictured below. Could anybody try the gcode and post the results ?

PLA-medium-0.22mm.ini (3.14 KB)

porte_plaque_U.gcode (1.17 MB)

Does that only occur with that specific print/model/gcode? Keep in mind that if you’re using a stock AO-100/101 your hot end nozzle is a 0.5mm nozzle. Most TAZ users are still using the stock 0.35mm nozzle, so they can’t use your gcode file.

I have an ao-101 with an upgraded budaschnozzle that came with a 0.35mm.


What slicing profile are you using? Mind posting that here? What kind of PLA filament is it? What vendor? What temps?

It’s PLA from, it’s rated for 180-210C. I tried the whole range and didn’t see any difference (see cuboid).

I’ll try to post the slicing profile tonight.

slic3r profile added in first post.

Print at a higher temp- say 200 and see how it works. PLA shouldn’t really split like that. HIPS and ABS do, but not so much PLA.

Problem found, for some reason, the connection on the rambo board for the extruder fan was loose, so the fan was turning 100% all the time.

Prints look better now, I’ll do more testing next w-e!