Details garbled when X&Y axis movement is small

Hey all, I’m running the latest Cura with the LULZBOT Taz 6 with 0.5mm standard single nozzle.

I’ve noticed that when I print objects that require small amounts of X\Y movement (as in the peak of a mountain or the crow’s nest of a clipper ship) the details are marred. The plastic looks twisted rather than layered. My belief is that it is caused by a fast moving X/Y motor creating a circle of continuous extrusion and the hot layer of plastic hasn’t enough time to fully cool. As a result, it pulls the freshly laid line around and around, rolling the tip of the object into this weird top of an ice cream cone effect. Have you all solved this? Is it simply to slow down the speed of the print for the final 5 mm? Or is it something more like… print 2 of them so there is some amount of pause as you reach the top of the object? Or perhaps it is simply print at a cooler temp? Maybe even get a smaller extrusion tip.

Please help. Obi Wan, you’re my only hope!

As you can see, the tip of it is a funky texture.

Here you can see that the tip of it was supposed to have 2 flaps. Weird, right?

I ran the dimensional accuracy. This seems a bit off to me. Is my machine rocking or is something rubbing?

You need to enable your cooling fan and small layer cooling.