Did I order the wrong bolt?

I’ve been having trouble with my hobbed bolt that I made myself, so I bought one from LulzBot. I have a wade’s reloaded extruder. When I went to assemble it, I noticed that the teeth aren’t in the same place as the bolt that I made myself. Furthermore, when I assemble the extruder, the teeth don’t line up with the filament channel. The only conclusion that I can draw is that I’m assembling the thing wrong. The only way I could figure out to assemble it was to stack four washers under the big gear, but still the teeth aren’t quite in the right place. Also that seems silly.

I must be doing something dumb. Can someone more experienced point out my mistake?

Nope, thats exactly right. You’re supposed to have the 4 washers there. Here’s the official “Lulzbot extruder assembly guide with pictures, of doom! ™” guide for reference: http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/22c225a9-58c4-4fc9-bd7c-9ac011e3200e/

You will also want to print the extruder latch peice and add the washers on those arms when you get a chance. Makes it much much much easier to swap filliament out.

Oh, wonderful! That’s probably the best possible outcome: “You were doing it wrong until right now”


We should really use that “… of doom” more often in our documentation.