Hobbed bolt too long?

Hello everyone! I just received my kittaz and I’m super excited to build it.

Unfortunately I’m stuck on the 3rd step of the build process haha.

The hobbed bolt seems way too long. The hobbing doesn’t even come close to lining up with the hole in the extruder body.

I’d need something like 15 washers to make it line up and that just seems wrong.

Do I need a different bolt? Please advise. Thanks!

Well for starters it looks like the large gear is on there backwards from what it needs to be. Here’s the assembly guide with pictures of the extruder https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/22c225a9-58c4-4fc9-bd7c-9ac011e3200e/

You will have 4 washers between the gear and the extruder body. You can see how everything lines up in the pictures there though.

Wow thats definitely it. The bolt goes through the gear. So simple. Thanks!

You’re welcome! have fun building it! I think they have all the other instructions in that same location if you run into anything else that looks off.