Differences between mainline Marlin and Lulzbot Marlin?

I am interested in some features and bugfixes added to Marlin 1.1.10-RC8. Before I make the jump, though, I’d like to know if there’s anything major I’ll be missing from the Lulzbot branch. I am aware of the “REWIPE” feature, and am content going without (I’ll monitor the start of my prints, and haven’t had issues so far). Is there anything else major?

Here’s what I’m hoping to gain by switching:
-Proper M109/M190 Behavior: In current Lulzbot Marlin, the “R” option doesn’t wait for cooling as specified. This has been fixed in future Marlin
-Automatic nozzle wipe: Mostly because I want to clean up my start G-code
-LIN_ADVANCE pressure correction

I’m looking to do this on my Mini 1.04. If that goes well I’ll do the same on my TAZ 6 Olive dual.

Thanks in advance. I’ve tried to piece things together through the Lulzbot repos, but I’m really not familiar with the layout of Marlin.

Just a quick update. I updated the configs and successfully flashed my Mini with Marlin-RCBugFix. I had to change a couple things, notably axis min/maxes and probe points. However, extruder movements seem to exactly line up with measurements. I wonder if something got fixed in Marlin that changes how it calculates distances? Anyway, I have the code with configuration stored in a repository here. I’ll keep it updated as I find differences and things that don’t work quite right.

Interesting. Thanks for posting your updates. Have you tried printing on the mini yet?

Yeah. I’ve gotten it working pretty well with my configuration. It’s nice to just be able to run G12 to auto wipe.

Right now I’m having problems with LIN_ADVANCE, which is really my biggest reason for switching. Setting the advance K causes bad things to happen, i.e. the extruder makes a noise for a half second and then the entire printer becomes nonresponsive. From searching around, it seems like LIN_ADVANCE in combination with some other features puts a lot of strain on the poor ATMega2560. I’m going to try turning down microstepping to 1/8, and see where that gets me.

Please read my last post here, there was a bad bug in two ISRs that might be related to that. If you still have problems, please post the gcode snipplet where the problem happens and I will try to find out whats going on.

I have been keeping up with that issue on GitHub. However, my problem seemed to be something else, as it sort of dissapeared into the blue. I haven’t had it at all since a couple days after my last post. I think it had to do with a combination of LIN_ADVANCE and some bad settings/start gcode/configuration.