disassembling the budaschnozzel 2.0

I’m following these instructions. https://www.lulzbot.com/support/budaschnozzle-20-pla-fix-ptfe-heater-block

I’m stuck at this step:

…use the 18mm wrench or pliers to turn the heater block, counterclockwise, off of the threaded extension…

I’ve attempted turning the heater block counterclockwise at with it heated to 160°C and also at 200°C, but it doesn’t turn in either direction on the threaded extension.
Attached is a picture of what I’m dealing with.

I completely removed the set screw on the other side of the heater block (not captured in the picture).
The black on the top of the heater block is lulzbot black ABS 3mm. I’m not really sure where it came from but I would like to check it out.

Does anyone have any input on what has happened? or, what I could do to remove the heater block from the threaded extension without damaging any threads?

Use a pair of pliers to carefully and gently hold the off-white PEEK plastic insulator while you unscrew the threaded extension and heater block assembly. If you don’t think you can do so, contact support at Support@LulzBot.com with your order number, 3d printer serial number and contact information. You may get better contact on the PEEK insulator by disassembling the upper half of the hot end.