Discojon's Taz 5 Open Rail Conversion Build Log

I need a place to keep my needs together and hopefully document my progress on install Piercets Openrails Conversion on all three axis as well as the anti wobble Z nut. So far I have ordered a bunch of hardware and am in the process of printing the parts. I’ll document my progress below.


To upgrade my TAZ 5 from the misumi linear rods to the open rails style setup on all three axis’.

Parts Ordered:

Open builds:
You need to add 25 more tnuts, 10 more m5x10mm low profile bolts, and some m5x12 bolts

Mcmaster Carr:


I believe this is a comprehensive list but I will update as i do the install over the next few weeks. I printed everything in black Gizmo Dorks ABS at 85% infill. I had 2 nozzle clogs. It took about 1.5 spools to do everything,

Parts Printed:

X Axis:
-Openrail Idler Tensioner x1
-X Carriage x1
-Idler Endcap x1
-X belt Bracket x1
-X motor endcap x1
-X motor mount lid x1
-X mainblock x1

Y Axis:
-Openrail corner x2
-Openrail Y support x6
-Drill Guideplate small x1
-Drill Guideplate large x 1

Z Axis:
-Left Motor mount standard x1
-Right Motor x1
-Left Top x1
-Right Top x1
-Backplate Anti wobble clearance x2
-Backbrace x4

Anti Wobble Z Nut:
-Double nut Bearing holder x2
-Z nut bottom x2
-Z nut upper x2

X axis install log:

Worked on the x carriage today. I never could get piercet’s backplate file to open so I drew my own up and laser cut it out of 3mm acrylic. Should be plenty strong. I’m short one eccentric spacer to finish the carriage.

  • just found an issue with my backplate I need to fix.

Here is the corrected backplate

You will need to extract the m2 (?) Heat set inserts from the x endstop and set them in the new mount.
Backplate.dxf (28.9 KB)

Y Axis Install Log:

I plan on doing the Y axis first so this section will be updated soon.

I was able to finish the Y axis in about 2 hours tonight. I took some photos and will work on posting then and narrating tomorrow.

Z Axis Install Log:

-Be sure the nuts from the bottom of the z carriage don’t hit the electronics box. Use the right length bolts and low profile nuts.

  • I hate slide in tnuts.
    -I gave up on several of the t nuts on the front side of the motor mounts. I’d have had to cut down an allan wrench to get to them.
    -Slightly loosen the 4 screws that hold the y Axis to the lead screw for smoother performance.

Anti Wobble Z Nut Mount Install Log:

What’s the flange for?

Those go to the anti z wobble nuts

I think all of my parts are here now. I have a mess to clean up on my desk before I start building. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get everything done as long as I have all the right parts.

Looking forward to seeing the progress! I’m about ready to get started on this myself.

One question, are you planning on doing all axes at the same time? Or one axis at a time in case you need to reprint something?

The plan is to do the y axis completely and then build the others off of the machine in case I need to reprint anything. The x,z,and z anti wobble be done all at once.

Got the y axis done and preassembled most of the rest. I’m short a few parts so I had to place another order with openbuilds. The y axis worked out just fine, however I am a bit concerned with how tight the bearings are. It is much more difficult to move by hand, but it prints just fine. How tight is right with these builds?

Were the additional Open Builds parts the “You need to add 25 more tnuts, 10 more m5x10mm low profile bolts, and some m5x12 bolts”?

Also, did you mean m5x15? I didn’t see any m5x12’s on their site.

When I was looking around the website a couple of weeks ago I found this video on how to tighten the wheels just right, have a look.


It should move freely with minimimal effort. if it is that tight, you have something adjusted wrong.

I checked it a bit ago. I had the bearing preload way to tight. I loosened them up and its smooth as butter now. I never could get your backplate opened so I drew up a simple one and laser cutnit out of 3mm acrylic. I’ll post the dxf later. I’m waiting in more tnuts and m5x10 hardware to finish the x and z axis. Then i need to find the steel rods for the anti wobble kit.

The z axis is assembled and installed. The y axis is done completely. The x axis is mostly assembled but I’m waiting for hardware to finish it. My acrylic backplate seems to be just fine although time will tell if there is too much flex in it. If I had the tnuts I need I would be done completely. The z axis is a bear to install, mainly getting the tnuts to stay in place while you install the bolts. At this point I’m not sure if I’m going to do the anti wobble mount or not.

I’ll work on tips and some better pics soon.

While waiting for the rest of the parts to come I decided to update the nameplate on the machine.

I used drop in, stay in place T-nuts for the Z. they cost a bit more, but they make putting it together a lot easier.