openbuilds extrusions and parts on sale if anyone is considering the mods.

If anyone is considering the x, y or z openbuilds mods, this should save you a bunch.

Thanks! :smiley:

I do believe I’ll dive in headfirst and order parts for a full xyz rebuild and anti wobble z nut also.

Now to just combine all three and come up with a master perts list.

This should be mostly complete. I haven’t built a set specifically from this list yet, so there may be some +/- on a few minor things.

Master parts list:

X axis:

X motor mount
4x 10mm M5
6x M5 11mm Long Heat set inserts (Mcmaster carr )
4x M5 T slot nuts

X motor mount plate
10mm M5 bolts 6x
12mm M3 4x bolts

Left X end
10mm M5 1x
20mm M5 x2
Stock 3 M5 Bolts and washers for Endplate connections

3 M5 T nuts
2 m2 bolts for endstop, 10mm thread

Right X end
10mm M5 1x
20mm M5 x2
Stock 3 M5 Bolts and washers for Endplate connections
3 6.75mm long M5 Heat set inserts
3 M5 T nuts

X idler mount
Stock Lulzbot idler bearings, washers, Nut and large bolt
2 6.75mm long M5 Heat set inserts
2 M5 32mm bolts (the idler adjusters
2 10mm M5 bolts
2 M5 Tslot nuts

X Carriage adaptor plate
4x M3 8mm bolts
11 M3 heat set inserts (the short 3mm-4mm ones)
Stock Lulzbot V notch plastic piece. Stock 4 bolts and washers that hold down that piece (M3 10mm thread plus M3 washers)
The stock Lulzbot carriage hold down bolt and washer (M3 washer M3 bolt 10mm thread)

Openrails parts:

1 60mm x 20mm Openbuilds linear extrusion 500mm long extrusion, Manually remove 64mm.
4 sets of bearing wheels ( or other sets) ,
6 spacers (6mm )
2 eccentric spacers also 6mm
one of their Gantry mounting plates.
Flat head M5 Bolts and nuts 30mm (standard bolts will not fit, need the flat ones. ).
One 35mm long M5 Flat head bolt and Nut for lower middle Carriage hole
One 1/4" bolt that fits the larger eccentric holes, also about 35mm long and nut
Spacers and washers to space out middle section of backplate. i ended up using 2x 6mm spacers, a 9mm spacer and a bunch of washers on the top and bottom. this could probably be a printed part. The one at the top is the critical one.

The backplate posts are currently made of 2x 1/8" bolts with flat heads, 2 nuts, 2 washers, 2 1/2" long threaded spacers, 2 washers and 2 more nuts. An alternative less mass configuration would also work here.

Y Axis:
Y axis bed drill bits

Metric Black&Gold Oxide High-Speed Steel Jobbers Drill Bit

7.2mm, 108mm Overall Length, 71.4mm Drill Depth, 135 Degree Point

Metric Black&Gold Oxide High-Speed Steel Jobbers Drill Bit

5.0mm, 92mm Overall Length, 61.1mm Drill Depth, 135 Degree Point

Y axis mod parts:
End pieces (X4):
Rubber Taz style feet
Stock M5 bolts, washers and T-slot nuts rm the existing end pieces.
2x M5 8mm thread bolts
1x M5 heat set inserts
1 M5 Tslot nut

Mid sections (I ran 6x 3 per side, 2x would work but would look off:)
2x t slot nuts
2x M5 8mm bolts

Openbuilds hardware
2x 40mm x 20mm Openbuilds linear extrusion, 500mm long.
4 sets of bearing wheels ( or other sets) ,
2 spacers (6mm)
2 eccentric spacers (6mm)
4x Openrails flat Bolts and nuts (M5, flat head, 25mm.)
Drill guides will be held down by the stock Igus bearing mount bracket hardware temporarily
Z axis:

8x 14mm M3 bolts for block mounts
16x 10mm M5 bolts for Rail and stabilizer mounts
2X M5 12mm Bolt for the center of the crossbar support brace
Stock Lulzbot top plate and motor mount hardware ( 20x M5 10mm nuts, washers 8 10mm M3 bolts and washers for the motors themselves)
Stock motion segment hardware from a Taz 5 (leadscrews, couplers, leadscrew nuts bearings)
18x m5 T slot nuts
8 Openrails mini wheels, with 4 mini wheel eccentrics (6mm) and 4 6mm spacers.
2x 20mm x 20mm openrail 500mm extrusions


I have it all in my cart. $127.61 after discounts. Does each respective thingiverse page have the current files to print? I’m going to be doing all three axis’ and the anti wobble Z at the same time. If you have a chance take a look and see if that looks right Piercet. I appreciate it.

Cart looks right, you might want a few more of the bolts you have quantity 1 of just in case, aside from that looks like its all there.

The files are updated in the thingiverse page. The anti wobble project uses a different z axis carriage than the first version, so you will want to print that z axis carriage even if you wont be fitting the anti wobble right away. I am going to alter the x endstop mount location on the x end piece for additional clearance for the wobble mount on that side, but I haven’t finished that yet.

There is also a new x carriage mount plate with an integral cable chain end mount in the works, but that’s a few days out yet. I got distracted by turkey and making a new flexible filliment extrude design.

Alrighty! Openbuilds order updated and placed. Mcmaster carr order of heat set inserts and m5 nuts ordered also. I guess it’s time to start printing parts

Can you post a screen of the Mcmaster Carr order as well? I was unsure of the size of the heat set insert for the Y-axis mod.

Her is what I ordered. Its a shame you have to order so many. I’d be willing to split up my order of inserts and sell what you would need to do the upgrades.

Thanks for posting the order. :slight_smile:

No worries about splitting up the order. I think having a box of extra inserts will only inspire me to try to use them in some way. Thanks for the offer though!

Ok, the 20x20 is for the Z Axis.

Flat Head or Low Profile ?

It makes a huge difference.

I hope it is Low Profile since that is what I ordered.


The low profile ones are what I was referring to, since they have a flatter head than the stock cap screws. Not a slot head screw.

He is completing all three modifications. The 20x20 extrusions are required for the Z axis. He has the two 20x40 rails on there further up the list as well.

Confused by these:

One 1/4" bolt that fits the larger eccentric holes, also about 35mm long and nut

Would this be

1/4-20 x 1 1/2 Long or
1/4-28 x 1 1/2 Long

1 1/2 is as close as I can get to 35 millimeter without being too short.

Just 1 or does it require more. Not quite sure where this goes. Would this be a standard hex bolt or a low profile socket head?

The backplate posts are currently made of 2x 1/8" bolts with Low Profile Heads, 2 nuts, 2 washers, 2 1/2" long threaded spacers, 2 washers and 2 more nuts.

Where on earth do we get a 1/8 inch bolt and threaded spacer? McMaster doesn’t have them.



The bolt that the backplate connects to the front gantry plate at the top needs to be big enough to mostly fill the 7.2mm eccentric Wheel mounting hole if you don’t want it to move around too much. It will need a fairly low profile head too. Then you just need enough washers and spacers to keep the backplate level.

The backplate posts can really be whatever you have available that will fit the holes. I get the spacers at home depot, lowest or ace hardware around here.