Displaying Layer # on LCD

Been doing some looking and haven’t come up with an answer so I was curious if anyone has been able to add to the gcode and generate a layer # display on the LCD? Currently I slice with Cura. I did find where someone added some REPLACE commands and was able to do this in Simplyfi3D but using what he posted hasn’t yielded any results in CURA.


(The code posted for Simplyfi3D)

{REPLACE “; layer” “M117 Layer”}
{REPLACE " Z = " " Z="}

Just place the following code in the post processing window at the bottom of the scripts tab and you will get the layer number displayed on the screen along with the z height. The replace command simply removes the comment and replaces it with the M117 command. The second line is for formatting only it is not needed but tightens things up. M117 is the gcode to display a message.

Wished this was in Cura was well. 2 years later :sunglasses: