Do I have a bad Mini?

Has anyone else encountered this?

I clear the platform in Cura, load a new model, and if I look at LAYERS everything is fine…however, if I then PRINT, the Mini begins printing the model I PRINTED LAST!

I actually removed Cura from my machine, and reinstalled, and today things worked well until it happened again?

Why wouldn’t clearing the platform in Cura get rid of the old model? More critically, why would the Mini print something different from what is clearly showing in Cura?

I think perhaps the mini is faulty (new), and is just refusing to clear out old data. Might be time to return this product…

Has this happened with anyone else?

From an Ultimaker forum - - if THIS ends up being the fix this is REALLY stupid, and is an argument for Lulzbot moving away from Cura:

To quote:

“When I say ‘print’, a print window pops up. I did not close that window after the print was thru. And no matter whether the job completed or I cancelled with the button in this window, UM would print the same file again.”

You have to close and reopen the printer control window to load the new gcode.