Cura Lulzbot edition printing previous job


This has happened to me multiple times, I load a model print it, clear print bed select new model hit print and it prints the previous model.

The only sure fire way that prevents this is to clear the print bed, close Cura, open Cura and then load the new model.

I have searched far and wide to see if anyone else has this same problem but I have not found one instance.

Cura LULZBOT Edition 21.04 printing via USB


I’m a newb so if i’m screwing something up please let me know in a kind way…

Are you closing the printer control window between prints? I think you have to do that to make it load the new gcode.

In addition to closing Cura, you may also want to power off the printer and power it back on. I’ve had similar issues.

I’m sure that is the step that I missed when it happens, thanks!

Missing some steps will effect the outcome of it so you need to make sure everything is align.