Do I need a Flexystruder for the TAZ 4?

First post, hello all!

I got my TAZ 4 in last week, after printing PLA, ABS and wood I have my eye set on Ninajaflex. Do I need the Flexystruder for that or is the TAZ 4 better equipped to handle flexible material than it’s predecessors? Also, has there been any word on that official dual extruder, last threads I could find on it were a couple months old.

the extruder in the Taz 4 is pretty much identical in most respects to what you would have found on an AO-101 and will have the same difficulties printing flexible materials. The flexystruder specifically addresses the tendancy of ninjaflex to be floppy while it is en route to the hot end. you can always print one too though!

Check out this review:

In sum: You can print Ninjaflex on a regular extruder, but much slower and not as reliably. It is also not amenable to swapping materials.