Documentation on New Lulzbot Menus?

Quick question, is there any documentation on the new menu layout on the LulzBots? I have been trying to find one, and can’t find it anywhere. I am curious what some of these menu options do, like the power outage, or do I have to re-select my toolhead every time I turn on the printer, or does it remember the last one I used?

I have some assumptions on these, but would love confirmation

@joshea I will talk to our marketing team on where/when something like that is posted.

A few pointers would be that the power outage is only used for SD printing. The printer will quick save to the SD card while printing and if the power is shut off, the next time the printer powers up it will continue from the quick save. By default this is turned off due to it burning out SD cards faster by constantly saving to the card.

The Tool Heads option runs a list of Gcode that sets up for another Tool Head and then saves settings after. This being said you will only need to select the tool head after you flash firmware or change the Tool Head.

any update on this? the previous company would put out a changelog so you knew what was different.

Making a user friendly version of this is on the task list, but has not been completed as of now. I have linked a google sheets file of the layout. I will keep this thread posted when the official document is released.

Thanks for that tool head swap option, its amazing! I wish I turned on the power outage feature this morning.

+1 for documentation, I though I messed up my mini 2 with the new taz firmware.

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We are working on ways to make changes like these more clear and easy to understand for the end user. Thanks!