Lulzbot mini 2 KILLED Printer halted on startup

So we are a research lab with a few lulzbot mini2s, and recently one of our printers no longer works. When you turn it on, it has the initial boot up screen where it says (lulzbot mini2 and all the firmware details), but then it will immediately switch the screen to KILLED. Printer halted Please reset.

I am not sure what would cause this. I have checked to see if any cables are loose and none were, the inside board look okay, to my untrained eyes, and I have rewiped the firmware a few times to no avail. I have also waited a couple days in case any moisture got in that was shorting the circuit, but it still is occurring. Is this a hardware issue? Any help would be appreciated.

This is a long-shot, but… Is there an SD card inserted? If so, does the problem occur if you start the printer without an SD card inserted?

Wow, weirdly the opposite happened. It hadn’t had an SD card inserted, but once I put one in, the printer boots up fine. And then if I turn it off and remove it, it gives the same error.

This fits as I did remove the SD card a week ago to a different printer and then we noticed this the following day. Any thoughts as to why this is the case? Maybe I can replace the display board.

Well that is strange. I know a “bad” SD can cause that, hence my suggestion to remove any SD and retry. But no idea why it would happen with an empty SD slot.

My only guesses would be a bad SD reader or a firmware problem. Is that printer running the same firmware version as your others?

It is running the same firmware as the rest of them, and I uploaded a custom firmware we used on a bioprinter we made, and that didn’t work either. So you are probably right that its the SD slot. I’ll buy a new LCD module and try installing that. Thanks for the help!