Lulzbot BL Touch Adaptor firmware?

I’ve completed the install of the BL Touch Adaptor for the Lulzbot Taz Pro XT

I followed the directions based on the support page

The last step does not link you to any next steps? Where’s the firmware? How will I adjust the Z Offset? Babystepping?

I looked at Cura and checked under the Add Printer area. I do not see any firmware options for the BL Touch integration?

The latest CuraLE - 3.6.40 - has the firmwares for BLTouch. You’ll have to add the printer and check the box for “BLTouch”. You might be able to just manage the printer, check the box, then go to update firmware, but I’d start clean.

Cura LE 3.6.40 Patch Notes:

Printer Changes:

  • Added the TAZ Pro Long Bed printer
  • TAZ Pro with a substantially longer y-axis that allows for seamless long prints.
  • Removed the M175v1 Tool Head
  • Tool Head’s existence was confusing for users, especially since it had it’s own slightly altered firmware.
  • Anyone with a M175v1 can easily upgrade to a v2, and most if not all already should have.
    *** Added the BLTouch add-on for Pro and ProXL**
  • Allows customers to flash firmware for Pro and ProXL printers equipped with BLTouches

Firmware Changes:

  • SideKicks firmware updated from to
  • Changed default z-offset to -1.23 to reduce chances of the nozzle digging into the bed on first print
  • TAZ Pro and TAZ Pro XT updated from to
  • Y axis minimum position updated to avoid hitting
  • Added TAZ Pro and TAZ Pro XT BLTouch firmware

Material Profile Changes:

  • Added 2.85mm profiles for SE, HE, HS, and Dual Tool Heads for NinjaTek Armadillo
  • Added 1.75mm profiles for Polymaker PolyFlex - Fixed broken file name references for a couple 2.85 quality profiles
  • Added some missing Village Plastics ABS profiles on the Workhorse with SE
  • Added Polymaker ASA 1.75mm to all 1.75 Tool Heads on all current printers
  • Added NinjaTek Cheetah to all currently supported Tool Head/printer combinations
  • Added NinjaTek Edge to all currently supported Tool Head/printer combinations
  • Added NinjaTek Chinchilla to all 2.85mm Tool Heads with the exception of the SL
  • Expanded PolyMide PA6 filaments to all current printers with SE, HE, and SK285 Tool Heads
  • Expanded Taulman Bridge Nylon filament to the SideKick’s SE, HE, and SK285 Tool Heads
  • Slightly altered NinjaFlex profiles on HE and Dual Tool Heads for more consistency
  • Modified profiles for PolyDissolve S1
  • Fixed a few small file name errors that prevented some profiles from being usable

Other changes:

  • Disabled Auto Slice by default
  • Updated splash screen
  • Removed lines from start gcodes regarding backlash compensation
  • Fixed issue with Bio Infill percentage being at a fixed value
  • Altered TAZ Pro/XT Dual start gcodes slightly to avoid handles on flex plate
  • Updated firmware flashing menu to include link to OHAI explaining Universal firmware

Okay this is hugely helpful.

I have checked the Cura LE and the newest Beta and couldn’t find anything.

I didn’t see a prompt to upgrade to a newer version but I will definitely go download the newest to see if I can get this working.

Is there an ability to actively babystep the first layers via the LCD screen of the XT?

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I just downloaded the latest 3.6.40 Thanks for the info
I see the Beta is updated but in the release notes, I can’t see if they also have the BL Touch added there. I’ll download and have a look (since Beta is largely what I use for printing)

No easy babysitting on the touchscreen. You have to use the nudge menu, and keep in mind that the nudge commands go into the command queue rather than directly like on the standard screens, so the best way to do the adjustments are with a first layer that has lots of turns and changes so it gets through the queue faster. Long straight lines take a while to print, so even 3-4 of them in the queue can make your nudge adjustments take quite some time to get their turn and show up.

Okay so I took your advice and did the Add a Printer, selected my Lulzbot Taz Pro XT, M175v2 and checked BL Touch

I got a pop up that there is new firmware available.

I went into Manage Printers, high lighted the new printer I added (I put a BL in the prefix to denote the BL touch version) and clicked “Upgrade Firmware” I selected “Automatically Upgrade…” and checked the “Update EEPROM” option as well. Firmware updated, printer restarted itself.

I went to the printer Menu, and About Printer and it shows BL Touch Probe and Marlin

Shouldn’t it be reading ?

How is that remotely related to this topic?
If you don’t have meaningful advice to add, please don’t post. is the non-BL universal toolhead firmware for the XT, is for with BL Touch on the XT.

There’s quite a few different firmwares for the pro right now:

Okay so it sounds like I have the correct firmware then!
Thank you for that screenshot.

I’m not at the machine now but I am curious how many points the BL Touch will use to create the mesh?

I am very interested to see what the start gcode will look like now.

Could this allow for a custom profile to be made in Ulitmaker Cura 5.4, copying and pasting from v3 or the Beta?

Most of the enhancements to the current Cura LE that I’ve seen revolve around the wipe sequence to give the corner probing some chance at success and making dual extruder printing work more efficiently. If you have a BLTouch-enabled single extruder, then you’re getting some benefit from the built-in profiles for the machine and filaments, but otherwise, yes. Take the BLTouch startup GCODE to Cura 5.4 and rebuild the material profiles if the built-in ones don’t work for you.

Points for the mesh, I think the posted source isn’t in sync with what was used for the Pro BLTouch. As it currently reads:

  // Set the number of grid points per dimension.
  #if defined (Sidekick_747)
    #define GRID_MAX_POINTS_X 4  //4x4 grid to avoid hitting the handle on the flex bed
  #elif defined(Sidekick_289)
    #define GRID_MAX_POINTS_X 3  //3x3 grid to increase startup speed
    #define GRID_MAX_POINTS_X 2  //2x2 grid of mounted washers

No provision for the Pro variants. In the config for the various models, the Sidekick has BLTouch enabled:

#if defined(LULZBOT_Sidekick_747)
  #define Sidekick_747
  #define LULZBOT_CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME "Taz SideKick 747"
  #define LULZBOT_LCD_MACHINE_NAME "SideKick 747"
  #define LULZBOT_MACHINE_UUID "5b3d61d6-80f8-41ed-bd8a-9c765f8d523d"
  #define LULZBOT_BLTouch
  #define Z_AXIS_WILL_FALL

But no Pro does:

#if defined(LULZBOT_Quiver_TAZPro)
  #define TAZPro
  #define LULZBOT_MACHINE_UUID "a952577d-8722-483a-999d-acdc9e772b7b"

#if defined(LULZBOT_Gladiator_TAZProXT)
  #define TAZProXT
  #define LULZBOT_MACHINE_UUID "28ac1ce7-ca05-4f8e-8f1f-1d2f4496a1eb"

But, based on bed size, it would make sense that they’re doing a 5x5 grid. That’s what I use in my Taz 6 and Pro.

I agree and appreciate the deep dive you took.

I mean if I can copy/paste the machine settings, Start and End gcodes into a custom profile in 5.4, that would be really great. Then some of my really large prints can benefit from the gains made in tree supports.

I haven’t looked at the startup GCODE for the BLTouch pro versions, just look out for probe temp and wipe temp references in the startup.

I didn’t spot any obvious changes to the start gcode when I ticked on BL Touch.
I asked the same questions to Support and haven’t heard back.
I’ll do a test slice and see what the gcode shows & share

There will not be any difference in the start gcode of the prints.
The G29 command that controls leveling is the same with or without the BLTouch.
It is the firmware itself that tells the printer what to do when it is given the G29 command.

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Installed Beta, the Wizard had me select a printer and selected the M175v2 and ENABLED BL Touch.
Sliced a cube for a test print and watched the print head crash into the bed.

So… yeah, that’s fantastic

Went into Manage Printers and noted that BL Touch was not checked off in there. I have again checked it off and about to try another print.

Ok, well in looking at the Start G-Code, there is no G29 in there. That’s part of the problem?

It looks like the beta doesn’t have the much more detailed Start gcode the non beta has… cut and pate into Beta?

Ok, so the z offset was way off. Way too high

For those looking for how to babystep, on the LCD screen , you hit Menu and Nudge Nozzle (which you won’t see until a print has started) There you can + or - the z buy 1.0, 0.10 or 0.01 mm increments.

When you are satisfied with where the layer is at, you can exit and it was ask if you want to save the Z offset.

The complex startup is for wiping and priming that isn’t necessary with the modern bed leveling.

For a basic BLTouch startup on these machines, I’d go with:

M73 P0 ; clear progress bar
M75 ; start progress timer
M107 ; disable fans
M420 S0 ; disable previous leveling matrix
G90 ; absolute positioning
M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode
G92 E0 ; reset extruder position to 0
M190 R{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; warm bed up to first layer temp
G28 XYZ ; home XYZ axes
G29 ; bed leveling sequence
M420 S1 ; enable bed leveling matrix
M400 ; wait for any moves to finish
M109 R{material_print_temperature_layer_0} ; heat nozzle

That looks so much cleaner, I will use that!
I’m also going to compile everything learned over this thread into a YT video shortly.
Hopefully this helps others!