Does the Taz 5 support commands M80 and M81 PSU interrupt

1.I can’t seem to find any information about being able to implement commands m80 and m81. Being in the middle of a long print, I cannot experiment.

2.I would like to interrupt the power after a long print and have the machine totally turned off.
The Power supply I have makes a lot of noise, and in suspect for failure. I have a fan on it and have it lifted off the surface , so as much air can get to the intake diaphragm.

Some code to shut the power off while I am away from the machine would put my mind at ease.

There is no data link to the power supply from the TAZ. The power commands may be able to force the Rambo board to off, but the power switch itself also isn’t a digital switch, It’s a hard throw. The power supply is definitly going to remain on, the rambo board might be controllable in that manner.

You could probably build in logic controlled switches if you wanted to, but that wold probably take some hardware hacking and coding.

Thanks for your time and mind.