My Taz 5 died

I set up a print on the Taz hit print everything started up fine and the part started printing. Few min later I then turned on my other printer a Stratasys Dimension SST1200 ES witch is plugged In to the same wall outlet. Although I did not see it go off I think this is when the Taz turned off and died. Is it possible this caused some sort of power surge and killed my Taz? It will not power up at all now it’s totally dead I tried a different wall outlet with the same results. DEAD!

Did not find anything on this topic on Aleph web site.

Anyone have any input?

It’s possible that there is a blown fuse on the RAMBo board. I’d personally send an E to the support guys at: and see what they think.

Mark -

Is the power supply powering on? Could be bad power supply.

Call Lulzbot support.

Power supply seams dead. Already sent a email to TS