Don't skimp on wiring! / Taz 5 + duet + rebuild

My Taz has been good to me for the past 3-4 years. However, I randomly discovered that the bed connector was a bit charred and that could have made for a bad day. I wanted to give the printer an overhaul, which included replacing the Rambo with a Duet. I had a lapse in judgement when I decided to extend the bed wiring with 16awg. Started to smell after I fired up the printer but at least it didn’t quite smoke. Ended up bypassing the Amp connector and ran PowerPole connectors straight to the Duet and crimping a new pigtail for the sensor.

Well a couple years ago I ran the 16 Gauge bed wires straight through the AMP connectors to the Bed plate connector, Have not had an issue since, but not everyone has the AMP connector pin removal tool like I did.

Do you mind posting a shot of what your amp removal tool looks like? I have the one from Molex to remove circular Molex pins and while it fits the pin perfectly, I’m unable to fit it between the pin and the connector housing. I’m referring to the female pins. Perhaps I’m not even removing it right.

This is what my Molex tool looks like.

Looks like this Amazon LInk

Oh I’ve seen that before but it looks remarkably similar to what I have. Will it extract female pins as well?

Yours will release the locking tabs but requires you to pull the pin out, while the other has a plunger that helps press it out. Both work to release the tabs the same, one just makes it easier to remove the pin if the wire comes out of the crimp.

Not all wire types are created equal! Different flex ratings and ampacity for say THHN vs MTW vs UF, Aluminum vs Copper. Check what you use :slight_smile:

Part of the problem with that bed connector specifically is it isn’t rated for the full theoretical amp draw of the bed connection. So it can melt.

Going straight from Duet to Anderson PowerPoles now. While I have the printer apart, I’m re-printing all your openbuild mods, and every stock Taz part in CF Nylon :slight_smile:

Nice! That will be rediculoudly sturdy!

Yes! That’s what I’m hoping for. Any chance you ventured into making an extruder outfitted for a BL Touch? Figured I’d ask but if not, I will probably go modify one of Lulzbot’s files.

This one will not work for you?

Forum link

There is a back probe mount for the Openbuilds X rail. I don’t know that I’ve ever published it other than the forums though. I should do that. I can easily make that one a BLtouch probe mount too, i’ll just need to adjust the dimensions accordingly. Design production is still on hold for 1 month, 15 days until I am in my new house and have my printers up again!

Thank you! That’ll totally work and it even comes with instructions. That makes it super simple.

Couple pics of the new parts I’m printing out. Having pretty good success with eSun epa+cf. Glass bed + kapton + Elmer’s Xtreme glue stick.

Installed Duet, made custom extensions to connect to the stock wiring. I hated my sloppy half-assed job, so I’m going to re-rebuild this part and make custom wiring to the duet.

eSun epa+cf:

Debating if I want to try printing the extruder in Acetal. Perhaps its “slipperiness” would help the filament go in and slide easier?

Couple more parts. So far including my mess up’s almost 1kg of cf nylon

I’m considering upgrading to a duet and don’t really know where to start. Could you share any resources, parts used, mounting, and/or lessons learned while installing this?

Hey those parts look familiar! Going with the Z axis and everything, nice!

Hi there @pepperoni, I have a Taz 5 that would like to upgrade to a Duet (2 Wifi if possible), as the Rambo 1.3L is dead in my Taz 5. Any suggestions/recomendations on the process?
Thanks in advance