Dragging through print

Hi all… im sharing a picture. The nozzle is dragging through the print. What would be the best way to fix this

Can’t tell from the picture but it’s either:

Overextruded. Verify that you have the correct toolhead selected from the machine’s menu. After you have done that, if the problem persists.

Z nozzle offset is wrong. Usually caused by some material left on the nozzle, so the machine thinks the bed is lower than it is, causing the first layer to squish out (and up), leaving ridges that the nozzle plows through.

Hi! I’ve checked the tool head and pretty sure that’s fine. I’ve ordered new nozzles just in case.

So I think the Z will have to be adjusted. That’s done through the configuration screen right? Pretty sure that’s where it was.

Pretty sure isn’t very confidence-inspiring. A very small spec of plastic can be the difference between a perfect first layer and ridges of death.

If you’ve been printing for a while and now adjusted z offset, it shouldn’t need a change. If you updated firmware without recording and restoring the offset though, that’s probably the problem.

When I first updated the firmware, I did write everything down, or I thought I wrote all the numbers down. I’ve been looking for profiles online that seems to be best.

And I definitely appreciate all the help and feedback for sure

When doing basic tuning, or verifying a fault, I recommend going back to CuraLE with the default profiles. Once those are running right, you can start branching out to alternate slicers and running your own profiles or other peoples’ profiles.

Like my profiles are for my machine. Enclosure, BLTouch, modular glass bed, hardened nozzle, modified part cooling, etc… They would probably make for bad results with any other printer.

Other peoples’ profiles, even if for a Taz, probably won’t match your printer.

Assuming this isn’t a problem with material flow settings, you could also use “Z Hop when retracted”

My issue is a bit more involved I think. It is dragging through print but I think my drive controller is going out. Started at the top of a print and the Z axis started compressing. Does anyone know where I can get a Rambo V1.4 board rebuilt? I know I can buy one but it is honestly too much money from lulzbot

The drivers are pretty tricky to replace, you need a skilled electronics tech to do it. For all the trouble and still ending up with an 8-bit Rambo board, I went the route of doing a custom 32-bit board build to take advantage of silent steppers, sensorless homing, BLTouch, and a smart filament sensor. All of those upgrades combined came out less than a rambo board.

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What board did you use? I’ve done many upgrades to SKR boards on mine CR-10S machines.

I went with a BTT Octopus 1.1 board, as I wanted to be prepared for any neat things that come out in the future.

Before you go out and buy a new control board check all the connections on the control board and the steppers. I have had similar problems where there was an intermittent on one of the stepper wires and the Z axis did not move up the right amount… but only “intermittently”. I replaced the connector and it fixed the problem.
General recommendations be suere verything is tight and makes good connection.

My 2 cents

After recently experiencing this same issue on my taz 4 and re-doing the paper test several times, I discovered that the three igus bearings that support the tool head on the x axis were badly worn,

Edit, this didn’t solve my problem, back to research

well, I was following teaching techs first layer ccalibration, it turns out that the cause of my problem was that I needed to append my start gcodeto account for the 2.85mm filament

M221 S38 can also be used to compensate for 2.85 mm filament”
That solved my problem

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Ah, yes, knowing you weren’t using Cura LE would have been a useful piece of information.

Glad you figured it out.