Trying to diagnose a printing problem

I recently got a Taz 5 and I’m experiencing a printing problem, and I can’t seem to find anything else like it by searching online. After the first one or two layers the nozzle seems to deposit little blobs of excess material at the interior edges of the part where the nozzle changes directions to make another diagonal pass to complete a layer. This creates bumps that are high enough that the nozzle will hit them the next time it passes. The belts seem fairly tight and I cant find anything else that’s loose. I’m using cura as the slicer and IC3D ABS filament. I’m not sure where to start and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Typically when the toolhead moves from one spot to another without printing, the filament will retract a bit to prevent ooze (the retraction creates a suction). It sounds like you need to increase the retraction.

Could also be overextrusion too. Decrease the flow multiplier to .93-.95. This actually makes sense since most filament is 2.85mm while the slicer is set to a 3mm filament… do the math and most machines set to 3mm filament are overextruding. Well… I should take a step back, if you’ve got calipers sample the diameter of your filament.

Lastly, make sure the nozzle is clean. Filament stuck to the nozzle could track material around and cause the prints to be less accurate.

Hope those ideas help!

Looks like the problem may have been caused by a loose set screw on one of the z axis motor couplers.