FlexyDually or Dual Extruder

I’m going to order the TAZ 6 on Tuesday. Which of the dual extruders is more useful? I’ve heard that using soluable support like PVA isn’t too useful, is that true?

I’d like to be able to use NinjaFlex and occasionally do dual extrusion of two stiff materials. What parts of the flexible extruder are going to wear out and how quickly? How difficult would it be to replace the parts when it’s needed? How easy would be to replace the flexile extruder with the normal extruder that comes with the printer?

I’d like to experiment with conductive filament with some other stiff plastic at some point but it’s probably going to bee only a print or two.

Dissolvable support generally is more of a pain than it is worth unless you are printing something that uses internal supports that cannot be printed any other way. Even then it’s usually easier to just redesign whatever it is so it prints without that support than it is to break out the chemicals.

The flexydualy probably has slightly greater utility from a mechanical perspective, but most people who experement with dual extrusion end up making multi color objects out of solid fillament. The flexistruder wear part is the PTFE tube liner. It will wear fairly quickly with solid fillament. To replace it is fairly inexpensive. You put in a new section of tubing, drill it out from the top to the proper diameter with the correct metric drill, and drill the front face out with the larger drill to cut the relief for where the hobbed bolt goes in contact (that ones a 13mm drill, I forget what the other one is, maybe a 3.5mm? Mcmaster carr has the bits) You do need a drill press to get good results.

One or two prints shouldn’t affect the liner that much. Daily printing with solid fillament would wear it pretty quickly.

I am more a proponent of changing hotends, unless you plan to do dual Ninjaflex & hard filament models. I like NOT having to repair the PTFE tube if I can help it. :unamused:

Plus I do not think it is that hard to re-flash and re-enter the proper settings in the firmware any more. :sunglasses:

Ok thanks for the replies. I’m from Finland so metric drill bits are not a problem :smiley: and I have a drill press. I’ll go with the FlexyDually. Thanks