FlexyDually questions

Hi guys,
I’m the owner of a Taz 6 with the FlexyDually printer, and I a few questions:

  1. I didn’t really understand how make Cura to decide which part will be printed with Extruder 1 and which one with Extruder 2, I tried to press with the left/right mouse buttons but nothing really changes.
  2. If I want to print with one of the extruders (let’s say with the 2nd one with the flexy filament), how do I do that?
  3. When I want to print a part that has both materials but one of them doesn’t touch the bed (for example: a box with flexible bushings in the middle), how to setup it up?


My understanding from memory… It’s been a few weeks.

  1. You merge the two models by clicking one, then you right click the other to select “merge”… The first one you click is rear extruder and the one you right click next (to say merge) is front.

  2. On older cura, I was only able to do this by modifying the gcode. However I think I saw a way in the 2.6 Beta to do it… I did not test that yet though. (It lets you select which extruder for each model in 2.6…)

  3. Just merge and print - I can’t think of anything special about one of the models not touching the bed (as long as it is on top of a previous layer obviously) - I might be misunderstanding this question… (If you have a wipe tower, it will still switch back and forth between extruders for the tower, even if the model has none of that material on a layer.)

1 and 2 are solved, thanks!

regarding 3 - the only “hack” that I found is to out a very small piece of something to print (from the material that I don’t need) and the rest of the print will be the way I want to.