Dual extrusion questions

Just got my dual extruder v2 installed and calibrated, now it’s time to put it to work…

I’ve been trying to find a way to get extruder 1 to print the shell of a model and get extruder 2 to print the infill… Do I have to create 2 different models and merge them, or is there a way to set up Cura to print different sections with different materials?

Next question is how do I get my full build area back? Is this an issue with the software that can be manually changed or should I give up on the dual extruder and go back to a single?

Any help with these issues would be GREATLY appreciated.

What version of Cura are you using?

In CuraLE 3.2, Settings, Configure setting visibility…, in the Infill section the Infill Extruder setting is not normally displayed. You can type “Extruder” in the search box and then check all the extruder settings you want displayed when you select Custom on the main display. CuraLE 2.6 does not have that setting available.

CuraLE is going to limit the build area to what both extruders can reach. If you want to print a single material object that approaches the maximum build plate size, then you will have to switch back to the single extruder.

The Dual Extruder V2 has an offset of 0,-50 for the second extruder so you are going to be limited in the Y dimension. The Dual Extruder V3 has an offset of 13,0 for the second extruder (expressed as -6.5,0 and 6.5,0 in CuraLE) so you are limited in the X dimension but not nearly as much.