Dual Extruder + Simplify3d: stuck on "Bed heating."

After installing the Dual Extruder Tool Head on my TAZ3, gcode generated from Simplyfy3D doesn’t work. It just sits on “bed heating.” The bed temp is set for 90. The temp bounces between 90 and 89.

Gcode from slic3r works, because it doesn’t seem to wait for the temp.

If I know enough about gcode, I could probably edit out the code it’s getting stuck on.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Get rid of the M190 line probably

Thank you! That will probably work. The printer bed seems to be reaching 89.6 degrees and then stopping.

I have noticed that if I first heat the bed to 91 degrees, it will then come down to the target temp and print.

Where does this discrepancy come from? Is there a setting that I can adjust?

Thanks again.

The closer the bed gets to the desired temp the less power that is sent to the heating element. Plus the hotter the bed gets the more heat it loses to the air around it.

The PID settings are controlling this power ramp function.

Why is it reporting 89.6 degrees but not continuing to fully heat to 90?

When it gets around 2 degrees of the set temp, the amount of power (the PWM width) is lowered, so for example when you are 10 degrees away it is supplying 40% power but when you are 2 degrees away it is only supplying 5% and then within 1 degree 1% so it gets to the point where the power supplied is equal or less than the heat/power lost to the air.

I think that is one of the reason they tend to print in a heated space, and pre-heat their machines.

There’s a check box setting on the “Temperature” tab to wait for the temp to stabilize . Its something to the effect of “Wait for temperature controller to stabilize…”. Uncheck the boxes for both extruders and heat bed if you’re preheating.

If the box is checked, the printer will wait until the Primary / Secondary Extruder and Heat Bed reach the print temps. Are you trying to print with only one extruder? If so, maybe S3D has set a wait set for the Second extruder.