Problem with Slic3r

Hi! Ive just started using my 3d printer which is the lulzbot taz 3 and managed to follow the manual up to the Slic3r. Someone my slic3r doesnt seem to generate the correct gcode? If you look at the file, it seems that there are a couple of lines missing at the start. I tried jus running it in Pronterface but it wont work. I could just edit the lines in word doc and run it but I want to know why does it happen this way because Slic3r should automatically generate the correct gcode without any modification? Hope someone could help. Thanks!
Minimug1.gcode (808 KB)

The gcode itself for the layers appears correct. What is probbly tripping you up is this section here:
M190 S60 ; set bed temperature
M104 S190 ; set temperature
What those lines do is set the print temperature via Gcode, and they will let the printer print if, and only if both temperatures are at the exact specified values at the same time. So if it has 230 for nozzle and 110 for bed, it won’t print at 229.5 and 110.5, etc. You want to clear any of the temperature lines out of gcode and use the printer interface to set the temperature.

You might also want to look at Cura or Repetier host rather than prointerface.

Actually M190 S60 is a buffered command that will not move on to M104 S190 until the bed reaches the prescribed temperature. This is good to use as it will take the bed on a Taz5 approx 7 min to head from ~20C to 100C. Once the bed heats up to 60*C in this case, the extruder will start heating. In the case of your example, the program wouldn’t advance from the M190 S60 command until the bed read 60. It doesn’t matter if the bed rises to 62, once the minimum temp has been reached the command is released and the program continues. Think of M190 as “Heat and wait to get to target before moving on”

The M140 command will set the bed temp and immediately return control to the host rather that waiting until it gets to temp.

Your start code is below and I’ll annotate.

M107 Turn the extruder fan off during heating. This is depreciated as M106 S0 does the same thing
M190 S60 ; set bed temperature This will wait until the bed temperature reaches 60 degrees, printing out the temperature of the hot end and the bed every second
M104 S190 ; set temperature Set the temperature of the current extruder to 190oC and return control to the host immediately (i.e. before that temperature has been reached by the extruder). Duet-dc42 and other firmware also supports the optional T parameter (as generated by slic3r) to specify which tool the command applies to. See also M109.
G28 ; home all axes Home X, Y , Then Z. Depending on the version of Marlin you are running there could be a “quick home of XY”, homing both at the same time
M109 S190 ; wait for temperature to be reached Set extruder heater temperature in degrees celsius and wait for this temperature to be achieved. This will halt progress until the extruder reaches the requested temp.
G21 ; set units to millimeters
G90 ; use absolute coordinates Absolute is based off of the home position. On a Taz its the front left
M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion
G92 E0 Reset extruder odometer