Dual Extruder v2 Nozzles out of alignment

A few months ago we received a Taz 5 with a few different extruders. I got the Dual Extruder v2 up and running fine with a single filament, but have decided to try my hand at my first dual extruded print. When I went to inspect the print heads, I noticed that Nozzle 1 (the one I had been printing with the most) was about 1-2mm lower than the other one. I figured what the hell, and tried a test print–knowing it wouldn’t work. As expected, the second nozzle was not low enough to adhere to anything.

What is the easiest I can get that nozzle back to where it needs to be? I tried heating up the print head and turning it with a wrench to no avail. Should I just try to lower the second nozzle to meet the first one?

Pictures attached. You can see the amount of space between the two when lowered to home.

Check out step 21 here:


I was skeptical I would be able to meet the clearance given the distance between the two, but the second nozzle is just barely close enough. Going to give it a calibration print and report back.

One problem is that nut in between the aluminum and printed brackets is just a hair too big. Would I be able to remove that entirely so I can lower the second nozzle even further?

Also, does the angle of the nozzles affect the print?

And we’re live! I had to fuss with the XY offsets quite a bit–realized I was entering the values wrong–but my first test print came out great! Looking forward to what I can achieve with this.

If I recall, the end of the screw was just below the top of the nut to get the nozzles level.

I created the attached thumbwheel to help with adjustment of the screw. Line up the interior hex and snap the thumbwheel on… might need pliers. The dual color provides a little more reference when adjusting.
M4 - Thumbscrew.V2.Color2.stl (77.7 KB)
M4 - Thumbscrew.V2.Color1.stl (211 KB)
M4 - Thumbscrew.V2.SingleColor.stl (288 KB)