New TAZ 6 Dual Extruder Nozzles Not Aligned

I just bought a new dual extruder tool head and am trying to get it set up. After following the installation procedures, I got to the step for the test print, and quickly noticed an issue. It appears that the dual nozzles are out of alignment, with extruder 2 being angled inward.
Because of this, the support material is out of alignment with the primary material.
Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way to loosen extruder 2 so I can realign it correctly?


Make sure the toolhead is centered in the X-Carriage. Then make sure the x-gantry is parallel to the bed. Turn one of the acme lead screws (with the machine off or motors off) to level the rods with the bed. Actually, before this step it helps to make sure the printer frame is square and the bed is level with a bubble level.

The Lulzbot recommended method is to loosen the extruder and adjust extruder. And I think this is simply loosening the 4 screws that hold the fan to the heatsink.

I just rotate the right-hand side lead screw to raise or lower the T1 (right nozzle). CW lowers, CCW raises. Do it in small increment… eighth to quarter turns at a time (a full turn will raise the nozzle more than 1mm). I just find this easier and faster to adjust.

Make sure not to rotate the lead screw more than two full rotations, this could cause binding as the toolhead raises.

Hope this helps.

I’m not so sure anything kcchen_00 said will work. Looks like the heat break is bent! You may be able to bend it back but you shouldn’t have to if that’s a brand new head. Even to replace the heat break is a full disassembly process risking breaking wires and breaking that very fragile heat sensor. One end of the heat break is threaded and the other end is smooth. The end that goes into the heat block is threaded and you can’t turn it cause the thermistor and sensor are attached, of course you could try and take them out but its not easy, they’re a tight fit and there’s hardly any play with the attaching wires, and then you can’t turn it cause you’ll hit the other nozzle block. The other end is smooth and goes into the heatsink held in by two tiny allen screws. Again, if you got the allen screws out the wires will probably limit you from being able to slide it all of the way out of the heatsink. For $500 you shouldn’t have to deal with this. You got a damaged print head. I would request an authorization for return, include that picture and send it back for a new one when approved.