Taz 6 - Dual Extruder V3 - Esteps?

Hello all,

Just a quick one, I’ve recently upgraded my Lulzbot 6 single extruder with a Dual Extruder v3.

Now for updating the firmware, depending where I read, I get told that I need to manually record and transfer my original Esteps and Z offset but in other places (unless I’m interpreting it wrong) I’ve seen that I do not need to do this. Either way, I’m not clear on which I should do.

Are you please able to help clarify this? Thanks in advance.

LulzBot claims that the manufacturing tolerances are small enough that nozzle offsets, z-offset, and e-steps are “correct” as set in the firmware. I haven’t found a reason to mess with them after numerous prints with my Dual Extruder V3.

If you are looking for that last tweak to perfection, you could probably adjust all of those values.

For working with the new V3 extruders you won’t need to worry about the adjusting the Esteps as they are a default setting in the firmware and shouldn’t need adjustment. When you revert back to your standard extruder you will want to have the Esteps for that toolhead recorded somewhere so you can adjust them back to the correct Esteps for that toolhead. I would say that if you ever have a question about something like that the most reliable location to get your information from (aside from directly from tech support) will be our OHAI. We have a guide for installing the V3 that goes over this question in Step 8 here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/lulzbot-taz-dual-extruder-tool-head-v3-install/accessories/

That’s great thank you both.

If these settings are default in the firmware now, I shouldn’t need to do anything if I’m using another slicer besides Cura LE, right?

There will still be some other steps involved in using a different slicing software with your printer. We actually have a handy write up on how this is done: https://www.lulzbot.com/learn/tutorials/taz-6-gcode