Dual extruder v3 - heat creep solved?

I’ve got a Taz5 with the stock single extruder which has never reliably printed PLA without eventually jamming due to heat creep. I’ve had to mod the extruder with a larger heat sink fan to solve the problem.

I’m now thinking of purchasing the v3 Dual head, but I’d like to know if it’s been known to have heat creep issues. Can anyone with some v3 printing hours under their belt chime in?

We have the dual v3 with a Taz 6 and have a lot of issues with heat creep. Finnally after a week of testing various settings I have been able to get through a single filament PLA print that took ~6 hours without the PLA jamming. I solved this by turning the temp of the PLA down to 195 and the secondary extruder to 100. Found your post looking for a better solution to the heat creep. Hope this helps.