Dual Extruder v3 nozzle type

I’m thinking of getting a Dual Extruder v3. One think I’d like to do off the bat is change the nozzles to 0.4mm hardened steel. What type of nozzle does the v3 take? Is it E3D Volcano compatible?


I suspect the nozzles are just E3D nozzles.

but I am more worried about how you align them after you change them. The OHAI shows a special aluminum fixture that is used to align them at the factory. But what do you do in the field?

That is true, I hadn’t realized it. I usually treat nozzles as consumables, so I wonder how that works with the v3. Now I’m concerned since I’ve already ordered it.

Can anyone at LulzBot tell us how this is supposed to work? A nozzle is supposed to be replaced periodically (more often if you use abrasive filaments); also, changing nozzle sizes or removing bad clogs (sometimes I have to remove the nozzle and push from the bottom with a small Allen key to clear some clogs). How are we supposed to do this with the v3?

I don’t think they recommend removing the nozzle… they don’t carry spare nozzles in the store.

IIRC, E3D nozzles butt against the heat break. So when changing the nozzle, as long as the heat break is constant and heater block doesn’t rotate a full revolution, the nozzle should stay consistent. As long as the nozzles are close, micro-adjustments can be made by rotating the right lead screw with the motors off.

I guess it would be easy enough to print a jig to ensure equal spacing between the heater block and heatsink, and/or nozzle to heat block. If designed thoughtfully, the jig could also protect wires when removing the nozzle.

Keeping nozzle materials/types consistent would be a good idea to account for thermal expansion.

That’s probably my starting point if I need to cross this bridge… the .5 nozzle has stayed clog-free for me the past few years.