Printing Dual Colors with NinjaFlex

Need some help…

I current own a Mini and Taz 6 printers, my mini has flexy extruder attached. I AM looking for a way to create some flexible bracelets using two colors on the same print job.

  • Only way I know how to do this is to stop the print mid way and swap out the filament half way and resume the print job. For obvious reason this is not a viable solution.

Any help would be great.

@ schenkp

Hey. Sounds like you need a dual extruder. Personally I would go with the regular dual extruder. Not the flexydually which I have and dont like for several reasons.

The standard dual extruder is more flexible in my opinion.
You can do:
2 different standard filaments
1 standard, 1 flexible
1 flexible, 1 flexiable ***
1 standard, 1 dissolvable

When I say “flexible” in this case I’m referring to cheetah flex, which is designed to print in a standard extruder, ie u don’t need the flexy to use it. Cheetah flex changed the game for me. I would have bought the standard dual extruder had I known about cheetah flex. Simply because when I’m not printing flex, now I can dual color or dissolvable supports.

Oh cool this might work…

What cura profile do you use or tweak for the cheetah filament?

Im at working now, so I can’t see if there is a Cura profile or tell you the settings I used. But close to below.
“From the website:
Extruder Temperature: 230°C – 240°C
Platform Temperature: Room temperature – 40°C
Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
Print Speed:
Top and bottom layers: 30-45 mm/ sec (1800-2700 mm/ min)
Infill speeds: 60-80 mm/ sec (3600-4800 mm/ min)
Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available”

Make sure to use pva glue on your bed. Because it sticks very well to pei and needs the glue as a release agent. Or the painters tape. I ended up using the tape for cheetah, because it sticks well and releases well, less chance mess up hot bed.
I forget to mention it B4 but another benefit of cheetah besides not needing a special flexy extruder is the print speeds. You can print cheetah at pla speeds.

OK sweet… when you can home please let me know your exact setting in Cura.

Thanks again greatly appreciate this.

Another question

Say you want to print a square…

  • Bottom Color One
  • Middle Color Two
  • Top Color One

I Import a stl file into Cura… then how do you tell the software how to print your STL file in different colors?

This is specific to your setup.

Have one extruder?
Can modify gcode with prusa’s color change web app

Dual extruder?
Cura and simplify3d support this. Set color per extruder